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"Not just another $ 2000 Dropship Academy"

Starting a successful e-commerce business? We will share with you, the open and freely available information that MOST of the dropship academy's and mentor programs TRY to sell to you as their highly confidential "hidden secrets of experience". Furthermore they claim that they do not accept every person for their academy or mentor program, and that you have to have a one on one intake in a ONE HOUR VIDEO CALL, to make sure that you....

Something fishy here

How do I find a great mentor in a world of lemon guru's, who have never made any money, besides pushing their courses and paid mentorships? Interesting question, since when you do a little investigation, you will find no or dissappeared dropship websites, contact adresses in other countries that the mentor originates or lives in, non downloadable money back guarantee forms so you cannot follow their money back procedure... Not to speak about crappy looking mentorship websites. Well, it is obvious that the live call is used to check if you're stupid enough to pay a couple of thousands of Dollars to the lemon mentor, rather than to measure your motivation to resume quality in their "group of students". So beware of buying a lemon.

Let's Start

Are you ready to find out HOW to set up a successfull e-commerce business? Let's GO!