EcomXXL Introduction

What is EcomXXL?

What is EcomXXL?

Ecom stands for E-commerce. XXL stands for GROWTH in this case. Founder and CEO Ty Alien decided to share his knowledge about making a semi-passive income by online activities.

Why online activities?

Ty has lived in several places worldwide and was lookig for a way to earn money easely while traveling and following his dreams. In 2008 he already succesfully runned an online clothing store with Aliexpress.

Then what happened?

Open source software was full of bugs in these days and dropshipping was just in the beginning. Ty sold most of his 3300 domain names but kept some for indexing with simple landing pages on them.

The years went by...

While Ty was doing other activities, but he kept his dedicated server and his domains online. Waiting for them to become more valuable. Through his experience and his intuition, he kept patience.

The big wake up coming!

Ty was sleeping and did not notice that the internet businesses like dropshipping and affiliate marketing had made a huge leap over the years. He led a minimalist lifestyle in Portugal and Spain, making art.

What happened finally?

Well, after he woke up he began to learn like a madman from every online tutorial and video he could find. Making notes, contacts, learning SEO and everything he needed to know to re-start online again.

Why did Ty start EcomXXL?

Answer: To fight the greediness of todays high cost online Masterclasses.

"I was getting sick of the click bait ads, letting me scedule a so called FREE masterclass and then afterwards finding out that they wanted me to pay over 2000 dollars for the real deal.

But I found out that every piece of information is just easy to find on the internet. I think that everybody who is willing to start in this business, must get the chance to do it. Even if you do not have 2000 dollars for masterclasses of the others."

Ofcourse I do earn money from this website, by affiliate links, and I hope you grand them to me. You can support me also with a simple donation that you can even choose the amount of yourself! And that can depend on what you are able to spend OR what you grand me OR how you value the efforts I put into all this work of ART I share with you. We reward some donations with a LoyalTY LINK.


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